Cleaveland Amory Black Beuaty Ranch, 

America's largest and most diverse animal sanctuary
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Meet All the Residents

Rescued from the Agriculture Industry    More 

Logan sleeps on his couch bed. ©2008 Gallegos/Marlow family

Logan, the Calf

Bottle-fed Cow Spared the Slaughterhouse

Logan was born on a cattle ranch and was headed for the slaugherhouse, but his fate changed when his mother died. He was bottle-fed and hand-raised by a family who wanted a different life for him -- a secure future.
Posted: 12/02/08
Don Juan, the ostrich, rescued from an abandoned property now resides at The Fund for Animals' Cleveland Amory Ranch. ©2007 Fund for Animals

Don Juan, the Ostrich

Rescued Ostriches Find Life and Love at the Ranch

Rescued from abandonment and squalor, Don Juan finds a steady supply of food and friendships at the ranch.
Posted: 09/25/07
Alfred, a steer, was relinquished to The Fund for Animals' Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch after his family suffered the devastating effects of Hurricane Rita. ©2007 Fund for Animals

Alfred, the Steer

Hurricane Rita Aftermath: Selfless Selfs Part with Beloved Steer

Hand-raised by a loving and devoted family, Alfred was one lucky steer. When Hurricane Rita destroyed their farm, the family made sure Alfred had another safe and loving home, one where his life would never be threatend by the butcher's block.
Posted: 02/06/07

Rescued from Entertainment    More 

Rescued from Hunting   More

Rescued from the Pet Trade   More

Two emu at home at The Fund for Animals' Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Tex. ©2005 The Fund for Animals

Emus, Bebu and Kemu

Caretaker's Death Leaves the Emus, Bebu and Kemu, Running Solo

Bebu and Kemu, the emus, were left abandoned when their caretaker died. Found in filth and without access to food or water, these animals were on a slow train to a painful, and needless, death.
Posted: 01/24/08
A large iguana sunbathes inside a new enclosure built for him at The Fund for Animals' Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Tex. ©2006 Linda Cohan


Seeing Green Due to New Outside Enclosure

Fifteen continuously growing lizards require some elbow room, and the expanded habitat at the ranch gives them double the space to sun, climb, and rest outside much of the year.
Posted: 05/09/07

Rescued from Public Lands   More

Forever Homes For Mustangs Becoming A Reality

Midnight was among 210 neglected and starving wild mustangs The Humane Society of the United States helped rescue late April from a Nebraska ranch.
Posted: 09/25/09
Torrential downpours created lagoons, stranding burros at The Fund for Animals' Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas; workers were able to lead them to safety. ©2007 Fund for Animals

The Burros Rescued from Rising Waters

Stranded on Flooded Islands, Rescued Burros are Rescued Again

As rains pounded East Texas, a group of burros found themselves dangerously stranded on smaller and smaller parcels of land without access to food. They were finally led through the belly-deep water to safety.
Posted: 07/05/07

Rescued from Research Labs    More 

Roxanne, a rhesus macaque, enjoys the tranquility of her life at The Fund for Animals' Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Tex., where she will live free for the rest of her life and never again suffer as a laboratory research subject. ©2007 Fund for Animals

Rhesus Macaques

Speaking No Evil: Primates in Research

Of the hundreds of thousands of rhesus macaques suffering pain and distress as research subjects in laboratories across the United States, a lucky few found sanctuary at the ranch.
Posted: 02/16/10
Lulu, a chimpanzee, eats watermelon in celebration of her 10th anniversary at The Fund for Animals' Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas. ©2007 HSUS

Lulu, the Chimpanzee

Lulu’s Laboratory Lament: Chimp Survives Biomedical Research Testing

Lulu spent years as a research subject at a biomedical laboratory in New York. She gained her freedom when the lab closed and her forever home when she crossed through Black Beauty's gates.
Posted: 09/18/07
Midge is one of three chimpanzees rescued from a research laboratory and now live at The Fund for Animals' Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas. ©2006 Fund for Animals

Midge, the Chimpanzee

Music-Maker Midge: This Chimp Likes to Rock Out

Midge no longer sits in a sterile cage undergoing hepatitis experiments. Instead this lucky chimp gets to indulge his joy of making music today, and any day, for as long as he wants. He's free from the researcher's needle and at his forever home.
Posted: 09/18/07

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